Angela Matera
I’m an artist and printmaker

Born in Syracuse, studied illustration in Rome at L’Istituto europeo di Design” and specia-lized in Florence in Printmaking at the international school “Il Bisonte”.
In 2002 I returned to Syracuse and opened my Studio/Gallery “L’Arte…Per Inciso” where I create until today, sell my works and teach printmaking techniques.
During these years with my prints and paintings I participated in several solo and group art exhibitions in Italy as well as in London, Chicago, Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin.
My works are born from experiences lived during my many travels in South Africa, Perù, Cuba, United states, Vietnam, Bali…
In 2009 I went to Australia, where I collaborated for 3 months with different artists lear-ning new innovative engraving techniques.
In 2010 I lived for 1 year in Amsterdam, where I collaborated with “AGA Grafish Atelier”.
For three years I lived in Berlin where I carried out my last project “Salomè”, also organi-zing art workshops and exhibitions of my works in different galleries.
Today I work in my studio/gallery in Ortigia (Siracusa), I organize Workshop and I carry on the project of my next exhibition “Salomè and her Totem Animals”.